About Me

My boys <3

My boys ❤


Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know a little bit about me!

As you can see I am a mom to three boys who are just my whole universe and the most important people in my life! Having children I feel, has made me a better person. A person who values life more, finds the pleasure in small things and makes me a more understanding, compassionate and patient person. I really love those little guys even though they can be super naughty!

I am so passionate about a lot of things! Traveling the world, writing, reading good books, cooking, gardening, dancing, cars, vintage things and of course photography. Something about me that many people don’t know is that I can eat jalapenos like they are going out of style! I love spicy food and any opportunity to add hot sauce, habanero, hot peppers or chili sauce is not missed. I also have a great love and passion for all animals but I will always be stuck like glue on German Shepherds. For years I professionally showed my German Shepherds and competed in handling competitions (and won!!), and it’s the one sport I am not bored by.

In three words I am passionate, adventurous and quirky! I believe all three of these things reflect on the type of photographer I am. My dream is to one day become famous for wedding and conceptual photography, write a book, teach others, and travel the world!

Martine Sansoucy Photography

Martine Sansoucy Photography

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