Saskatoon photographer Martine Sansoucy

Saskatoon photographer Martine Sansoucy

When you are old and grey, and your kids have grown up, gone and married, your beloved family pet has passed on, will you remember? Will you remember your baby’s wispy hair, his soft hands, your child’s dimples, their fake smiles, their real smiles, and the day they graduated from school? Your dog’s soulful eyes, your cat’s endless whiskers and the way the light gleamed on your horses shoulders? Will you remember the countless hours and the details that went into making your wedding day so perfect, the new love you felt when you looked into each other’s eyes and the way you looked that day? These moments are fleeting and they are the reason hiring a trusted and experienced professional photographer will be the best decision you will ever make!

My price list can be viewed on my website!

Right now I have a DESTINATION WEDDING SPECIAL on for 2016 bookings! Contact me at 371-1332 or for details!

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