For my boudoir babes: How to prepare for your boudoir session!

Saskatoon Boudoir Photography

Saskatoon Boudoir Photography

Can you BELIEVE how cold it has been here in Saskatoon? Seriously, like what is happening with -50 weather? I have to say, the way the sun has been coming out these days and the dirty disgusting slushy melting roads have me doing a little happy dance. Could it be that spring is finally around the corner? Well. It better be. (Shakes finger at my window!)

I am SOOO excited about some very fun and very interesting little projects and specials I have coming up! One of them is… a boudoir special! Most of you who know me, do not know me to be a boudoir photography specialist. I consider myself to specialize in all things love photography related like weddings, engagement, families and of course the wild and crazy editorial & fashion stuff I love to kick out when I am feeling particularly inspired and have some free time. HOWEVER… it may shock you to know that in my first and part of my second year of photography I had a little empty character home to use for dozens upon dozens of boudoir sessions and mini glam sessions and I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVED it! What’s not to love about making a woman feel as beautiful as she is? However, as of these late years my time has been eaten up by all of these love sessions and other fun stuff, so I am very excited to be teaming up with makeup artist Jennilee Cardinal Schultz and hair stylist Sara Whyte to do a weekend special in May for some super lovely ladies! Before you ask, it is completely booked up, but it never hurts to contact me of course about future specials just like this one (which I do plan to do more often). In fact I have a GRUNGE ROCKER/SEXY GLAM special in the works for September with Makeup artist and Hairstylist Danielle Konjolka from Studio Rouge which is guaranteed to be pretty kick a$$!

So initially, I was going to make this “post” a private letter to all of the boudoir babes who have booked with me for the weekend. I think it is SO important to be properly prepared for your boudoir session to make the MOST of what will be an amazing photo-shoot! I decided what the heck? I might as well make this public as I know there are so many woman out there getting boudoir sessions done that could benefit from this information!

So without further ado… here are my best and finest tips for prepping yourself for your boudoir session!

1. Hire a makeup artist.

If you’ve booked with me, this is already a big CHECK on your list! Hiring a professional makeup artist is important. Why? They are professionals! They know what colors are going to compliment your skin tone and the color of your eyes just perfectly, and they know how to blend in or airbrush on that foundation to make you look flawless and cover up unsightly blemishes! They know what kind of makeup will compliment you in front of a camera and they also know the fine line between going darker for photos and trashy. Point blank, the end product of your photos is greatly impacted by whether or not you have a professional makeup artist and I can honestly say it’s 100% worth it. *Bring your own false lashes for your makeup artist to put on please, because that is also 100% worth it. If you don’t have any or don’t know what to get, bring an extra $10 and our makeup artist Jennilee will have some provided for you!

2. Flawless hair.

While your at it, make sure you book a professional hair stylist! Again a big CHECK on your list if you’ve booked with me! Beautiful hair helps frame a beautiful face and it can make a world of difference in your photos! Do you ever find yourself almost skipping with glee out of your Salon after a fresh cut and style? Taking endless selfies and Instagraming that sh$t  for the world to see because you feel so gosh darned good!? Well don’t you want to feel this wonderful for your photo shoot? Remember that the sexier you FEEL the sexier you ARE and the more that is all going to translate through the camera! Hairstylist Sara Whyte would like you to wash your hair the day before and have it dried for your shoot! Don’t go near it with a straightener that day and leave the rest up to the pro!

3. So you think your blonde.

Shave. Wax. I don’t care what you do… but get rid of it. You think you have a blonde little stache going across your upper lip that no one notices? Well, my camera notices all the small details. Especially when I am up close and personal! Wax it. $10 at almost any salon, done, gone, vamoosh. Legs… shave, wax, gone! Bikini line.. please do! Armpits, please don’t forget these or any other areas that you think might be seen through my lens. It’s hair, and we ALL have it. There is nothing at all to be ashamed about, but unless your a hippie who’s totally down with rockin that stuff please do some maintenance and you will feel & look smooth and sexy for your shoot!

4. Eyebrows.

Don’t go too thin or invisible, but don’t rock the uni-brow either or go around looking like your surprised all the time. Maintain and get them done professionally before your shoot. Again a $10-15 adventure at any local trusted salon.

5. Water. Hydrate. Drink!

I think makeup artist Jennilee Cardinal Schultz said it best “Drink lots of water in the days before the shoot. (even 2 weeks prior would be ideal!) Like way too much water. It seriously makes the biggest difference in skin.” Ladies, we already know of the many many amazing health benefits of water (including weight loss holla!), so there is just no reason not to be utilizing this amazing and relatively free (from the tap!) tool.

6. What NOT to wear:

Sigh… the most commonly asked question. What should I bring/wear to the shoot? I bet you think I am going to say “Damn girl, bring your sexiest bikini or bra and panties set!” WRONG. I know, and you know that unless you FEEL sexy, you are not going to LOOK sexy! If you feel sexiest in your man’s oversized tee.. bring it! If you feel sexiest rockin some jean shorts and a bra, bring it! If you feel sexiest wearing a little pink teddy bring it on! If you feel sexiest wearing a wife beater and a pair of bikini bottoms, I am not stopping you! Honestly I have seen girls look hot damn sexy wearing nothing but an over-sized off the shoulder SWEATER and so let me make clear; You are not required to bring the latest and greatest lingerie set off La Senza’s rack. I am asking that you bring WHATEVER it is that makes you FEEL hot damn sexy! That feeling will translate through my camera and your confidence levels are going to soar! I am here to help you feel as comfortable as possible during your shoot and I will be gently nudging you outside of your comfort zone to get the sexiest out of you. But please, don’t feel as though there are any obligations to rock something you are absolutely not comfortable with. Some “suggestions” are:

-Ripped jeans

-Cowboy boots

-High heels

-Fishnet stockings.. or stockings

-Your man’s favorite jersey or an oversized tee

-Flirty sundress



-Lingerie/teddy set

-Flowing feminine nightie

-A sexy piece of fabric (like silk or sheer)

-Sexy costume … (hot nurse, maid, school girl.. )

-Swimsuit or bikini

-Jean shorts

-Bouncy or pleated skirt

-See through top or wife beater

-Your mans tie

-Your mans coveralls, carhartt’s or work apparel

– Baseball, football, basketball, your man’s sport of choice

-Football or baseball socks

-Loose plaid button down shirt and a cowboy hat with rope

-Apron, heels and cooking supplies..

-Vintage netting headpiece, smoke and black corset with stockings

You get the idea ladies.. be creative and try to customize the shoot either to yourself OR your significant other.

8. A mirror is a girls best friend.

Gather inspiration. Hit up Pinterest (and yes I am on it! – Search Martine Sansoucy) and pick out your favorite photos and your favorite poses. Practice them in front of a mirror and get to know your angles. What side do you look best on? Print off and bring some of your favorite photo inspiration to your shoot! This will definitely help myself and you in knowing what kind of shots you would like and what you are looking for during your shoot.

9. Accessorize!

I love love LOOOVE accessories! If you don’t, it’s time you did. Bring them, and bring lots. Earrings, necklaces, shoes, belts, bracelet’s, rings… bring it all. I find that longer dangly necklaces tend to work better for boudoir sessions as it draws the eye downwards and doesn’t suffocate the neck and chest area.

10. Relax.

It doesn’t hurt to say a little “om” the morning of your shoot and do a little meditating, yoga or spa-like activity before your shoot. I will be bringing a lovely little speaker system and I encourage all of my lovely little boudoir babes to bring their very most favorite music to jive to or get sexy to for our shoot! If you don’t have any, I have plenty but I can’t guarantee you won’t be rockin out to Bob Marley or random soundtrack music (because I am a soundtrack Nazi). Just breath. Relax. And prepare to have fun!

With that said, it’s time for my nightly podcast and bedtime for me,

I hope this has helped you ladies in getting ready for what will be an amazing experience!

xoxo – M

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Photography by Martine Sansoucy –

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I have been so neglectful… again!

Wow… can you believe it!? Last time I posted there was snow on the ground! I am so ashamed, I have been so neglectful of my poor blog again. However I must say I have been keeping up regular posts on both Instagram (#martinesansoucy) and twitter (also #martinesansoucy) and of course dear Facebook. My worst enemy and my best friend. Do other photographers find Facebook hard to use? One minute you are posting updates and the next you are clicking on some random person’s photo and off you go into the land of nothingness that is Facebook. I have been trying my very best to leave that obsession behind and concentrate solely on work when I am logged on. Never-mind Pinterest… I banned that from my life months ago due to countless hours of sheer waste spent on that site. Not to mention it makes me feel like I have to be wonderwoman/wondermom/wondercrafter/wondercook/wonderdesigner! So many awesome looking things that I would LOVE to have the time to do in life, but knowing I never will so albums of silly little dream boards build up until … sigh I will probably never get to anything from there. 

Well the summer is officially underway.. I have had so many amazing and awesome weddings in the past few months. I can hardly contain my excitement about some of them. Honestly it’s a little ridiculous how excited I can get about these things. First in May there was an amazing Pakistani wedding with such an amazing couple Sadaf and Saad who I grew to fall in love with over the weekend’s events. There were so many traditions that intrigued me and I felt truly blessed to be photographing two of the most kind-hearted wonderful people I have ever met. Sadaf is in a word…. stunning. Absolutely stunning. Her Sari’s were beautiful, the colors vibrant and beautiful. Saad was pretty handsome as well haha he looked great in a suit and his traditional attire.  I think one of my favorite parts from the weekend were the dances and the music. Surprisingly I actually even knew a few of the songs that came on, since I love Indian and Hindi music and listen to it often.  It was just a fabulous weekend and here are a couple of my favorite shots from it!

Pakistan Wedding Photography

Pakistan Wedding Photography

Pakistan Wedding Photography

Pakistan Wedding Photography

Pakistan Wedding Photography

Pakistan Wedding Photography



Another favorite wedding was a few weeks ago right here in Saskatoon! Ashley & Codie Prevost were both just such amazing people to spend the day with… not to mention totally gorgeous!! What made this day extra special… honestly when I heard the rumble of a 67′ Mustang I was totally hooked. I mean totally hooked. So I grabbed the opportunity to do a few shots of the guys by this fantastic car and it was absolutely worth it. 100%. What else made this day fantastic? We had a colossal downpour about mid-way through the photos and when the sun broke through, it was seriously gorgeous and amazing. Here are a couple of my very favorite shots from this day! 

Saskatoon Wedding Photography

Saskatoon Wedding Photography

Saskatoon Wedding Photography

Saskatoon Wedding Photography

Mmmm so many to list it’s so hard to choose which ones to share with you! Another day that stands out was Stacie & Graham’s wedding. I just loved this couple and what a fun group of people to spend the day with! It also started off as a rainy day and ended in complete bliss on a country roadside with the couple and their guitar. Stacie was just a beautiful bride and Graham just a super great guy! The day ended with a drive in Stacie’s dad’s convertible car and we managed some wonderful shots of the two of them riding off with the cloudy sunset. It was a beautiful way to end a wonderful day. Here are a few of my favorite shots from that day 🙂 

Saskatoon Wedding Photography

Saskatoon Wedding Photography

Saskatoon Wedding Photography

Saskatoon Wedding Photography

Saskatoon Wedding Photography

Saskatoon Wedding Photography

Saskatoon Wedding Photography

Saskatoon Wedding Photography

Saskatoon Wedding Photography

Saskatoon Wedding Photography


Sigh… how can I even begin to describe some of the other weddings I have shot recently? They have ALL been amazing and special. I have even gotten to see old wedding clients at some of the weddings I have shot this year and it has been so awesome to see them together and happy! I feel pretty blessed to have some amazing clients. I was out in Cudworth a couple of weeks ago for a wedding and this past weekend I was in Moose Jaw. This upcoming weekend I have one wedding in beautiful Saskatoon and one in Moon Lake!

As much as I LOVE my job and weddings and love, I am SO ready for my family vacation coming up soon! It’s been a chaotic crazy summer and there are so many exciting events coming up. In fact, if you check out the most recent Flow Magazine here in Saskatoon you will find one of my promo photos for Roofstock! It’s an upcoming event with musician’s playing on the roof of Winston’s and it’s totally going to rock  your little world so if you are interested please check out the details! Here’s a shot from that little shoot!

Roofstock at Winston's

Roofstock at Winston’s


In the midst of being super busy I am making some changes in my personal life and it’s been very positive for me! I am also doing a lot of experimenting in photography and looking forward to much more this winter when I have some breathing time. I am not going to lie… I am a little excited for winter, now that I have another Destination Wedding coming up. That always gets me inspired for bigger and better things 😀

Okay, it’s time for one more Facebook post and then bed! I will TRY my hardest to not neglect my poor blog again even if I don’t make a photo update, it would be nice to keep it up with my life. 🙂

Night everyone – M