Why I love my camera, & why it’s time to say goodbye… Ode to my camera

Sometimes it's time to say goodbye..

Sometimes it’s time to say goodbye..


This blog post may cause some (and by some I mean MOST) photographers to feel uncomfortable, cringe, shake their heads, and in some cases wince. It may also cause a deep internal disagreement in regards to my slightly abusive relationship with my camera. Please feel free to post your comments & feelings in the comment box below.


I LOVE my camera..

No not just the way you love your TV, or your computer, or your mp3 player. I mean I really LOVE my camera. It comes everywhere with me. It is an extension of me. It’s flown thousands and thousands and thousands of miles across the country and half way across the world more times than I can count. It’s come with me on countless hours of road trips across beautiful Canada. It’s attended every major event in my kids lives, in my life, in my families lives. It’s been in waterfalls, oceans, and rivers. It’s been dropped, kicked, blatantly covered in ocean waves, and I have even accidentally bumped someone on the head with it. It’s seen my house messy, it’s seen my house clean. It’s seen all of my most private moments, and covered other people’s most special moments. It’s been in many different people’s homes, in different countries and it’s broken the ice with strangers across oceans. It’s sat on my lap like a baby, been hugged to my chest, zipped up in my jacket in -40 Saskatchewan weather and it’s swung carefree from my neck. It’s been in weather so hot the lens rubber fused itself to the camera and it’s been by my side through every love scene, every moment of laughter, every child temper tantrum and every tragic event I have ever witnessed. It’s also followed me to drunken parties and taken drunken photos (and no, I will not be held responsible for those), it’s been to black tie events, street parties, music festivals, car shows, put in the eye of a vicious storms, and thrown onto my car seat in a hurry. It has even seen a crashed plane in the middle of a busy Saskatoon road. It has been there to sooth my pain, my depression and my anxiety, and it has rejoiced in my happiness. It has been there through my worst moments and my best moments, and it has helped me to gain a tremendous amount of confidence with it by my side. It is NOT just a camera.. it’s my lifeline. A friend, a confidant and in some ways the love of my life. It truly is a miracle invention that in some ways has saved my life. It’s a connection between my feelings and my perspective and it allows me to share it all with the world.

I want my camera to be like my books. I don’t want to “baby” my camera. I don’t want to pick up a pristine camera, with tight dials and buttons. I want to pick up something comfortable, that knows my fingers, and the palms of my hands when it fits into them perfectly. I want to see scratches, bruises, character and I want it to look like it has lived. Used, worn, full of life. My camera is just that. It is scratched. It is bruised. It is worn. It is in fact starting to rust in some spots and it is just PERFECT. It has been through so much with me. I have treated it kind, and I have treated it unkind. I have put it through situations, weather conditions and tested the water resistant claims to the very limits. It has had sand stuck in the dials and sweat on the screen. It has been submerged in waves, covered in sand and bounced up and down on my chest during long walks in different parts of the world. I have put it in situations I have no business putting it in. I have pretty much done everything to it other than deliberately and literally beating the crap out of it.Β  I have taken so many photos with it, I did in fact burn out the motor. Again, it was packaged and shipped across the country for a fix and returned to me weeks later to get back to work with me. Yet, it still remains. Trusted and true. And I LOVE it.

Ahhh sigh.. but it is time to say, goodbye. It has been a few years since I brought my camera home and finally I am ready to move on. Lately it has been showing the stretch marks of it’s labor and although it is still my trusty old camera, I have decided it’s time for a trusty new camera. Now it’s not goodbye forever, and it will become my daily “around the house” camera, but it is time for it to retire it’s sore old bones and let some young little thang take it’s place doing the hard work. So in just two more weeks, I say goodbye to my trusty old camera (and the hippy strap that adorned it) and I will be moving on with a new camera. I am excited to see what this new camera has in store for me. What boundaries we will break, what adventures we will go on, and what experiences we will have.

Sometimes we just have to say goodbye to something good, to let something better into our lives.

So… farewell my sweet camera. I love you for all that you are, all that you were and all that you have given me.



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8 thoughts on “Why I love my camera, & why it’s time to say goodbye… Ode to my camera

  1. frank says:

    Wonderful epitaph, I too have just retired my dear old Olympus after many years of faithful service, good luck with your new best friend.

  2. I can definitely relate you Martine. I recently gave up my pride and joy, the Canon 40D, for a lovely new 70D. While I am really enjoying the 70D, I find myself still picking up my tried and true 40D just for old times sake. it was my first real taste of what a DSLR is capable of but now that I want to venture into video (and, like your camera, “Dee Dee” was just ready to retire). Thanks for the heart-felt story and I hope you enjoy your new camera (what’d you get?!) as much as I’m enjoying mine! πŸ™‚

    • Hey Michael! Thank you so much for sharing and commenting! The 70D is a great camera but when you feel so comfortable with one thing, it’s sometimes difficult letting it go! Hehe I love the name you gave your 40D… super cute! I am planning to move up to full frame and give it a try, so I am getting the 6D! I was originally going to go with the Mark III but after extensive research I believe the 6D will be a great fit for me! I hope you have a great weekend! πŸ™‚

      • Hey Michael!

        I love that it’s lighter weight than the Mark 5! I carry the camera around with me for long hours and it’s nice to have something a little more comfy. Also after comparing, almost everything is the same between the two other than the auto focus points, which doesn’t bother me as well! Also the budget helps and I can buy more fun lenses for it with the price difference πŸ™‚ You too!

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